Atlas 2.4 GPS module of ITS Chrono brand for sale on ITS Chrono
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Atlas 2.4 GPS module

Improve the safety and tracking of your race with the brand new innovative Atlas 2.4 GHz GPS tracking system developed by ITS Chrono.

Provide unprecedented control to the race direction (speed in the pits, management of false starts, possibility to replay a moment of the race, ...), offer precise information on the vehicles (position in real time, information on acceleration, braking, ...) and offer to the spectators a unique moment closer to the drivers (live tracking, data on a vehicle identified in real time, ...).

The kit includes a GPS Atlas 2.4 GHz module, a power cable, a wifi remote antenna and a GPS remote antenna.

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2 years warranty
Fast delivery with Chronopost
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Atlas 2.4 GPS system

Main features :

- Provides the positions of each competitor live
- Tracks progress of the race in real time
- Records information of time, positions, speeds and «g»
- Traces the route of each competitor on an interactive map

Technology employed : XBEE 2,4 GHz
GNSS compatibility : BeiDou / Galileo / GLONASS / GPS
Speed precision : 0,18 km/h
Antenna types : WiFi 2,4 GHz / GPS Active
GNSS frequency used : 10 Hz
Accelerometer sensitivity : 0,048 G

Atlas 2.4 GPS Module

Interface : 2,4 GHz
Waterproof : IP54
Precision : 10 positions/s
Power supply : 12 Vdc
2 external antennas : 1 WiFi / 1 GPS
Fixation : Side rails
Maximum satellites detected : 96
Maximum frequency of sending to the coordinator : 10 Hz (100 Hz for a single module)
Dimensions : 102 x 71 x 25 mm
Weight : 120 g

Warranty : 2 years

Technical specifications

14 cm
8 cm
29 cm
0.60 kg
Technical specifications
71 mm
120 g
25 mm
102 mm


Presentation ITSATLASM FR

Presentation of GPS system - Atlas 2.4 FR

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Presentation ITSATLASM EN

Presentation of GPS system - Atlas 2.4 EN

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