Terms and conditions

Your terms and conditions of use

Any order issued includes the part of the customer acceptance of the general conditions CONTAINED HEREIN sales, which may in no case be offset by purchasing conditions contrary. The commands given by telephone must be confirmed in writing (fax or email). Purchase orders or specifications shall be signed by the customer and increase its cachet. For foreign countries members of the EU as well as for France, it is imperative that we communicate the Community VAT number of the said society.


The specifications in our documents and the prices are in Euros and
subject to change without notice. For reasons related to the development of technology, we can, indeed, be required to modify some of our models, or their characteristics. In the event of termination of production of a product, the orders already be honored with an equivalent product in terms of quality and service to expect. Prices and terms applied are those in effect on the date of delivery.
Photos illustrating products are non contractual and do not engage ITS Chrono's responsibility in any way.


No returns will be accepted without our prior consent. Any request for return would comment on the reason for the return. The shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.


All of our products are strictly guaranteed against defects in workmanship, within two (2) years from the date of shipment. This full warranty includes labor and / or the eventual replacement of defective parts, only the shipping costs being borne by the customer. In any case, the client is not entitled to reimbursement of incidental expenses (travel, transportation equipment) or a capital allowance for any reason whatsoever.
Excludes interventions resulting from a lack of use.
The guarantee can only play if defects are found, such as: breakage, improper installation, improper maintenance, use under abnormal operating conditions, attempted modification or repair by the customer or a third party.
ITS is responsible under the guarantee to the extent that:

  • The client is sent to the company by ITS equipment transportation prepaid
  • The client provides the invoice number and date of purchase of the defective equipment
  • ITS confirms the equipment failure not resulting from breakage, improper installation, improper maintenance, use under abnormal operating conditions, attempt modification or repair by the customer or a third party.


The payment of our invoices is expected before delivery or shipment of equipment by bank transfer. A 50% deposit is required for confirmation of the order.


All late payments will incur penalties of 2% per month will be payable immediately.


This contract is subject to French law. Any dispute that may result from these conditions will be submitted to the Commercial Court of Besançon, exclusive jurisdiction, regardless of the place of delivery.


By express agreement, the delivered goods remain our property until full payment (Law n ° 80-335 of 12 May 1980). In case of non payment of an invoice, the seller reserves the right to suspend performance of the contract or pending orders or cancel them. The delay in ordering or carrying out the work may cause damages or cancellation of order. The buyer may request termination of the sale or refuse to pay the price because of defects, it can only invoke the guarantee.