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HD TNT transmitter 2 antennas
The new "Direct To TNT" HD transmitter with 2 antenna outputs, with HDMI or VGA inputs, allows you to broadcast the timing displays on a HD TNT channel (720 p) for a distance of 800 m to 360°. This transmitter can be configured by an application to be installed on a computer, via a simple USB cable.
ITS Crossing Line Detection
Our experience of high-level sporting events allows us to be as close as possible to the needs of internationally renowned circuits and the expectations of motorized sports authorities. It is from this proximity, and thanks to our increasingly large and experienced team of software developers, that the ITS Crossing Line Detection solution was born. This very precise tool enables the circuit to automate the surveillance of an unauthorized area, to further improve safety, assist race direction or the timing of your events. No more room for the unexpected ! CONTACT US
ITS ONBOARD Display 500 mW
Available for pre-order
The new ITS ONBOARD 500 mW display is more readable and more functional than the previous product. Developed in-house in accordance with users feedback to provide maximum racing information to the driver, the ITS ONBOARD 500 mW is a major ally. On-board real-time information system. HD display and high brightness RGB LED for race status. For more information : CONTACT US
Msports Pro
Avalaible on order
Msports Pro is a professional multi-sports timing software developed for all types of competitions with a start and a finish.This software allows to time up to 9 intermediates, on which several runs can be made.It supports individual starts, mass races, speed measurements and parallel races.It also allows the management, timing, processing and editing of results.The use of the software is subject to a license via a dongle. DOWNLOAD (Version 6.1.12)
ITS Docking GSM
In stock
The new ITS Docking GSM station connects a CP545 or CP540 stopwatch to the TAG Heuer Timing Online server via a 2G, 3G or 4G link. The advantage of the solution is to synchronize several timing points (start, intermediate and finish) with 2G / 3G / 4G coverage via the server and thus ensure optimal timing in real time. DOWNLOAD GPRS SETTINGS Link PC - ITS Docking GSM => CO3M ou CO2M Link CP545 (or CP540) - ITS Docking GSM => HL540-10 Update of the Docking with => Docking Updater
Start Clock GPS
This product is no longer sold. A new replacement product will soon be launched. The new TAG Heuer Start Clock HL940 has the attributes of the most technologically advanced starting system timing product on the market.
ITS Live
With ITS Live©, follow the evolution of all tests and races with all the live timing informations on your smartphones, tablets or computers. A progress bar will allow you to estimate each competitors position on the track. Download the free ITS Live© application (ITS Live Premium : about 2€ or 2$ for a auto-renewable month)