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HD TNT transmitter 2 antennas
The new "Direct To TNT" HD transmitter with 2 antenna outputs, with HDMI or VGA inputs, allows you to broadcast the timing displays on a HD TNT channel (720 p) for a distance of 800 m to 360°. This transmitter can be configured by an application to be installed on a computer, via a simple USB cable.
Messenger Oled v2
The new Messenger OLED v2 is bigger and more functional than its predecessor. Developed to bring the maximum amount of race information to the pilot, the OLED v2 messenger is a great ally. Embedded real-time information system. Speed ​​control during launched starts. HD display and high brightness RGB LEDs.
ITS Bridge
ITS Bridge© offers a centralized access to the data set and resources of timing you need for ITS Live©, ITS Results©, ITS Monitoring© and Race Direction Toolkit©.  ITS BRIDGE