Set of 20 foams TAG UHF RFID of Chronelec brand for sale on ITS Chrono
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Set of 20 foams TAG UHF RFID

Foams for mounting TAG RFID serve to isolate the RFID chip from the holder that can interfere with the proper operation of the system. The use of these foams is compulsory whatever the type of use.

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Foams for mounting TAG RFID are the dimensions of our RFID Tag (95x28mm) and have a thickness of 4 mm. A 3M adhesive is applied to the back for better adhesion.

Packaged in batch of 100 units it is not possible to adjust the quantity to your exact needs (ex: for 556 competitors you will have to order 6 batches of foams).

Technical specifications

Technical specifications
28 mm
4 mm
95 mm

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