Eartec Evade master headset S (800m) of Eartec brand for sale on ITS Chrono
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Eartec Evade master headset S (800m)

Do you already have a kit of several Evade headset and want to divide your pack into 2 headsets fleets ? Nothing could be simpler with our headset pairing technical sheet.

Discover Eartec's new range of wireless radio headset kits and their 800m range !!!!

Communicate hands-free with the license-free, userfriendly Evade range for a two-way range of up to 800m !

Kit includes :
⦁    1 Master headset (single)
⦁    1 battery

€410.00 tax excl.

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2 years warranty
Fast delivery with Chronopost
Return within 14 days


Excellent performance – Range up to 1/2 mile (line of sight, terrain dependent)

Radio installed inside earcup, no wires or beltpacks

Li-Poly Batteries – Provide continuous 8 hr operation and are field replaceable

Auto Mute Boom – Mute when in UP position

Volume Control – Simple up / down push button adjustment

Sealed for use outdoors in inclement conditions

Light Industrial Design – Wear comfortably for an 8 hour work shift

Field Programmable – Start small and add to your system as needed

Technical Specifications :

Frequency Range : 2407MHz-2475MHz

Data Rate : 1MBPS

Bandwidth : 150KHz

Channel Spacing : 1MHz

Modulation Type : GFSK

Gain of Antenna : 0 db

Duplexing : Time Division Duplex (TDD)

Speech Encoding : ADPCM/16kbit/s

RF Accessing : Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)

Power Supply : Rechargeable Li-polymer Battery @ 3.7v/1000mAH

RF Output Power : 80mw

Operating Temperature : 0 – +50º C

Operating Relative Humidity Range : 30% – 90%

Operation Current : 110mA

Operation Time : 8h

Range : 1/2 mile (line of sight, terrain dependent)

No FCC License Required

Technical specifications

1 kg



Product Sheet - Evade Headset FR

Download (617.84k)

Product Sheet - Evade Headset EN

Download (614.66k)

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