Kit Camera Video-Finish-Pro 2D of Vola brand for sale on ITS Chrono
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Kit Camera Video-Finish-Pro 2D

No more room for doubt on a tight finish with the Video-Finish-Pro camera from Vola.

Combining simplicity of use, sharpness and precision, the Video-Finish-Pro 2D system will surprise you.

The pack includes :  

  • The Video-Finish-Pro 2D camera equipped with an f:16mm lens and its protective case
  • A coded dongle with the license to use the Video-Finish-Pro software
  • A 10m fiber link
  • A Wifi access point


(version 4.0.20)

€5,900.00 tax excl.

block Avaliable on order
2 years warranty
Fast delivery with Chronopost
Return within 14 days


Easy to align :

Thanks to the 2D mode, you can visualize the finish line without difficulty and it is then simple to superimpose the finish line with the crosshairs of the camera.

Alignment can also be facilitated by viewing the 2D stream directly on a wifi connected smartphone.

Light sensitivity :

It is difficult to reconcile high speed, low light and usable proportions.

The Video-Finish-Pro camera has a high-sensitivity video sensor which, coupled with a film stretching algorithm during the recording well thought out, allows to decrease the acquisition speed and thus to keep good proportions for mobiles.

Precise adjustment :

The operating software allows to act on the levels of red, green, blue, contrast and brightness.

You can thus improve in post production the rendering of your film, before or after a recording, and ensure a real level of professionalism.

Quick installation :

Only one USB3 cable is needed to connect the camera to the PC and the operating software, while guaranteeing :

  • 5 Gbits/s throughput, i.e. 5,000,000,000 characters 0 or 1 per second
  • A USB 3 fiber optic link insensitive to electromagnetic interference
  • A single copper or fiber link (up to 50m) for the camera's power supply and video stream

Customized detection :

You can configure the detection system in several ways :

  •     In continuous recording mode
  •     In automatic detection mode based on a change in the finish line (passage of a mobile)
  •     In automatic detection mode by capturing a frame from a stopwatch (a sound can be associated with the event)

Automatic broadcasting :

The system allows you to automatically transmit the image of the film to a TV control room.

You just have to choose the zone to transmit and validate the transmission of the HDMI stream to the control room.

Timing by Video-Finsih-Pro camera :

The camera also offers the possibility to manage the complete timing of an event :

  • Synchronization of the system to the time of day
  • Film and identification of competitors
  • Printing of rankings

A compact kit for a transport without encumbrances :

Apart from the Lap-top, a Video-Finish-Pro camera kit fi ts in a 340 x 280 x 120mm case, including a 10m cable.

Technical specifications

40 cm
30 cm
20 cm
3 kg

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