Docking HL540-GSM GPS of TAG Heuer Timing brand for sale on ITS Chrono
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Docking HL540-GSM GPS

This product is no longer marketed.

A replacement product is under development.

The GSM docking station can be connected to your Chronoprinter CP545 thus ensuring the synchronization of the device with others, the automatic setting of time or the transmission of timing information by wireless telephony.

2 years warranty
Fast delivery with Chronopost
Return within 14 days


Internal battery

• Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery which ensures the autonomous operation of the CP545 for long-duration timing sessions even at low temperatures (-20°C).

GPS Module

• A GPS satellite module which allows you the automatic setting of the CP545 to the exact time-of-day and the monitoring of the time-base precision relative to the GPS master during the entire timing sessions.

• An Input and Output "Master/Slave" which allows you the connection and synchronization of several CP545's together. ln this way, the same time's-of-day is guaranteed on several devices.

• A "Top-Minute" impulse output is available for synchronizing any timing devices.

GSM Module

• A GSM module that gives you the possibility to transmit the timing information by wireless telephony.


• Operating condition from -20°C to +60°C

• External power supply 12VDC


• 7.4V Li-Po 2700mAh

• Charging condition from 0° to +40°C

• Charging current 500mA (-5.5 hours)


• 12 channels, continuous tracking receiver

• Precision ±50 nanoseconds

• Current consumption when activated : 30mA

• Connector for external antenna

• Top minute output (optocoupler)

• ln and Out connectors for Master/Slave operation (2xRJ13)


• Quad-band EGSM 700/850/900/1800/1900/2100MHz

• Output Power

- Glass 4[2W] @ 850 / 900MHz

- Glass 1 [1W]@ 1800 / 1900MHz

• Data transmission :

- CDS , 9600 bds, V.92, V.110 (Modem)

- GPRS class 10

• Standby consumption : TBD

• Average consumption in Modem mode : TBD

• Average consumption in GPRS mode : TBD

• Connector for external antenna

• Connecteur externe pour antenne GSM

Connexion via 3G/4G since Docking n° 3180

Warranty : 2 Years

Technical specifications

30 cm
5 cm
0.60 kg
Technical specifications
100 mm
40 mm
400 g
260 mm

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