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Spider Software

Ergonomic, the Spider software allows a quick handling of the system and a thorough and relevant analysis of the data to get the best out of your trainings.

Observe the movement of players on the field, speeds, accelerations, heart rate, ... to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your team and make it progress.

100% Made in FRANCE

€1,980.00 tax excl.

block available on order
2 years warranty
Fast delivery with Chronopost
Return within 14 days


License cost : €2420 excl.

Subscription : 165 € / month

Actionable data :

 - Heart rate via heart rate monitor
 - Corrected positioning of each athlete in real time
 - Acceleration, deceleration and variation of speed and force
 - Calculation of the position in the X and Y axes
 - Actual distance traveled plus or minus 40 cm
 - Calculation of averages
 - Warning on speeds presenting anomalies
 - Alert on extended shutdown

Data analysis :

The protocol used for data visualization is as follows : the web server and the local server are used to feed a web platform and statistical dashboards.

The displays of these dashboards are in responsive web design. These websites are adaptive to all media supports (phones, tablets, laptops). Without any installation.

Data analysis transmission system :

We use Bluetooth Low Energy to transmit the data. Our system is compatible with the ANT system.

Bluetooth Low Energy is known by many names: BLE, Bluetooth LE or even Bluetooth Smart, its official name. It was originally designed by Nokia under the name Wibree before being finally adopted by the SIG (the Bluetooth Special Interest Group).

It was designed with the primary objective of the lowest possible energy consumption. BLE, offering easy and reliable access, is popular with consumer electronics manufacturers, mobile application developers and engineers. It is increasingly suitable for everything related to the Internet of Things (IoT) which is experiencing strong growth today.

The major advantage of Bluetooth Low Energy is without hesitation its weakness energy consumption. Used for periodic transfer of small amounts of data at close range, the BLE is easy to deploy. In general, BLE consumes half as much as Bluetooth. Finally, its cost remains relatively low and the longevity of its battery is not negligible.

Technical specifications

20 cm
10 cm
10 cm
0.20 kg


Spider Documentation FR

Spider System Presentation FR

Download (2.97M)
Spider Documentation EN

Spider System Presentation EN

Download (2.97M)
Manual Spider System FR

User Manual - Spider System FR

Download (3.27M)
Manual Spider System EN

User Manual - Spider System EN

Download (3.28M)

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