Spider System

The Spider system, developed in-house by our company ITS Chrono, enables real-time monitoring of an activity (speed, acceleration and force) in an enclosed space.

Its light structure does not disturb the activity and the installation is conceived as a nomadic system that can be installed in 20 minutes. The complete system fits in a suitcase (charger included).

Spider system pack
available on order
Opt for the complete Spider pack to follow your team's performance around the world. The advantages of the Spider system : Management and optimization of athletes' performances with all data sent in real time and archived: speeds, distances covered, HB, acceleration, occupation of the field space, statistics, ... Autonomous system, no GPS required : use outdoors or indoors ! Nomadic or fixed system : thanks to its simple and fast installation (30 min), the system can be carried and deployed everywhere to follow your athletes Data acquisition system: feed your lives, your video broadcasts, ... with all the data extracted from the software
Spider TAG
available on order
The TAG Spider is placed on the back of the player to follow, in line with the spine and abouve the shoulder blades.Light and thin, it is designed not to bother the athlete with its rounded shape and has a battery life of 4 hours.100% Made in FRANCE
Spider Modem
available on order
Positioned next to the processing station, the Spider modem receives the data from the anchors, processes it and feeds it into the software.Thanks to its radio operation, the Spider system allows for data transmission that is totally independent of 3G coverage and in an average delay of 1.5 seconds.100% Made in FRANCE
Spider Software
available on order
Ergonomic, the Spider software allows a quick handling of the system and a thorough and relevant analysis of the data to get the best out of your trainings.Observe the movement of players on the field, speeds, accelerations, heart rate, ... to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your team and make it progress.100% Made in FRANCE
Heart beat sensor wristband Spider
available on order
Connected to the TAG Spider in Bluetooth, the heart beat sensor provides new data to exploit such as heart rate. The wristband is an excellent alternative to a belt : it offers maximum freedom of movement and works in countless different sports. It features a soft, breathable and adjustable band for all workouts and exercises.
Spider system transport case
available on order
Easily transport and protect your Spider system with this rugged, custom-made waterproof case.Made of nylon and copolymer polypropylene, the case ensures both excellent shock resistance and perfect water and dust tightness. This reference is for the empty case only.