Chronoprinter 545 of TAG Heuer Timing brand for sale on ITS Chrono
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Chronoprinter 545

We no longer market this product.

Substitute : TM550

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TAG Heuer Timing offers a new version of our famous Chronoprinter 540.

TAG Heuer has gathered all its experience to realize this timing device, resolutely turned towards the future, combining high technology and precision.

Launched in 2008, the Chronoprinter 540 has revolutionized timing of events where photocell technology solutions are used. Multiple timekeeping modes, and a high -accuracy time base ensures reliable measurements of up to 1/100' 000 second. This concentration of technology and innovation provides an intuitive solution to meet and exceed all timekeepers' needs, from local and National events right up to and including World Championship events. Today, capitalizing on this symbolic product of the TAG Heuer Professional Timing range, TAG Heuer have once again pushed the limits and boundaries of timing technology and launched the new Chronoprinter 545. Building on the success of the previous CP 540 and combining all the features already present on the CP 540, TAG Heuer have concentrated timekeeping knowledge and feedback from timekeepers all over the world from many sporting disciplines to bring you additional benefits and features including :

• 3 new timing modes to complement the 10 existing modes on the Chronoprinter. They allow its use without constraints in Show Jumping race timing (single phase, immediate Jump-off, and 2 phase competition)

• Internai memory has been increased to 30'000 times: past race data all retained in memory

• Multi-language function has been integrated

• Connectivity has been expanded with the addition of a USB port

• Now accepts rechargeable batteries : the economic and ecological benefit is undeniable

• This stand-alone, multi-sport timing device is supplemented by a free version of the Elite V3 timing software

With the exception of the slight color alteration to the aesthetics, the design of the new Chronoprinter 545 retains the same cosmetic and physical characteristics as the CP540. This new timing device remains compatible with the standard existing protocols and Docking Station accessories.


• Stand-alone multi-sport timing system

• Timing calculation (Speed) to the 1 /1 600 000 sec.

• Timing resolution (Printer - PC) from 1 sec. to 1/100 000 sec.

• Memory of 30 000 times and 99 timing sessions

• Sequential Nr / Competitors Nr from 1 to 9 999

Time base

• Thermo-compensated quartz 12.8 MHz

• Precision : +/- 0.5 ppm at 25° C

• Precision : +/- 1.5 ppm between -30°C and +65°C

Inputs/ Outputs

• Four Inputs with banana jack for Timing impulses

• COMPUTER/ Bidirectional RS232 or to drive external display


• Extension port for Docking

Power supply

• Internal : five NiMH Sanyo 1.2V / 2Ah

• External : 12 V DC by adaptor (HL540-1) or 12 V battery


• 6 000 printed times with one battery set

Dimensions / Weight

• 270 x 100 x 65 mm

• CP 545 without transport case : 860g (with batteries and 1 paper roll)

• CP 545 with transport case and power supply : 1 800 g


• Matrix LCD display with backlighting

• 8 information lines with 21 characters

• Adjustable contrast and brightness

Warranty : 2 Years

Technical specifications

40 cm
11 cm
1.80 kg
Technical specifications
100 mm
65 mm
1,8 kg
270 mm



Product Sheet - Chronoprinter CP545 FR

Download (469.02k)

Product Sheet - Chronoprinter CP545 EN

Download (463.99k)
Manual CP540 FR

Manual - Chronoprinter CP540 FR

Download (1.45M)
Manual CP540 EN

Manual - Chronoprinter CP540 EN

Download (845.79k)
Manual CP545 FR

Manual - Chronoprinter CP545 FR

Download (6.13M)
Manual CP545 EN

Manual - Chronoprinter CP545 EN

Download (1.27M)
TS CP545 - Elite v3 FR

Technical Sheet - How to use a CP545 with Elite v3 software FR

Download (571.19k)
Global Timing Solutions FR

Brochure - Global Timing Solutions FR

Download (7.26M)
Global Timing Solutions EN

Brochure - Global Timing Solutions EN

Download (7.24M)

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