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Time Master 550
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The new Time Master TM550 chronometer developed by ITS Chrono offers an unequalled precision. With its strong experience gained in very high-level timekeeping and many years of close collaboration with the TAG Heuer company, the ITS Chrono company and its whole team have designed this modern timekeeping device, incorporating the very latest technologies making it possible to achieve extraordinary precision to 1/1000000 second.In line with the CP540 and CP545 Chronoprinters, the TM550 uses the same communication protocol to ensure compatibility with all the devices in the TAG Heuer Timing range (photocells, starting gates, Modulos panels, etc.) Update Time Master TM550 with => ITS Updater Time Master TM550 Firmware & version history => TM550 FIRMWARE
This product is no longer sold. A new replacement product will soon be launched. The Minitimer HL440 is a professional timing system with 4 inputs using the same « high technology » as our Chronoprinter  Homologated Timing Equipment by International Ski Federation