Autonomous case for decoder
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The suitcase can work independently (24H) and improves the reception quality of the transponders. It is a guarantee of safety in case of power failure and backup your decoder during transport. Kit includes a shockproof Suitcase, a 12V battery and charger and all connectors for external (earrings, radio antenna, photocells)
Autonomous RF case 2 outputs
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This case is used to supply one or two RF active loops. Indispensable for setting up intermediaries, the RF decoder being able to manage up to 8 loops simultaneously, or even to install an autonomous system that has to be moved, without having to worry about the power supply.
Doubler for loop
This product is no longer sold Substitute : ITSDB Doubler for loop is helpful for connecting loop 1 of 2 decoders without diminiuer signal strength. Often doubling loop reduces the loop noise!