Transponders systems

Discover our timing systems by transponders of the ITS Chrono range.

Our expertise in the use of equipment on competitions at the highest international level, allows us to offer a range of products developed in-house at the cutting edge of technology, constantly evolving and covering a wide range of sports requiring timekeeping.

Cobra 360 Multi-pilot wire Transponder 12V
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Developed for endurance car racing, the Cobra 360 Multi-pilot transponder allows to know in real time which driver of the crew is racing. The selector installed beforehand on the vehicle allows to identify the driver at the controls. Official timing system for all FFSA French Circuit Championships (Asphalt, Earth and Ice). THIS TRANSPONDER IS FIXED WITHOUT SUPPORT.
Cobra Decoder
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The most accurate and compact on the market ! The new Cobra decoder is the heart of the timing system, providing the link between the track and your timing software. This high-tech device allows you to record times for vehicles up to 500 km/h with an accuracy of 1/1000th of a second ! Compatible with Cobra and TAG Heuer by Chronelec transponders. USB power supply, AC adapter not included. DOWNLOAD ITS DECODER IP PARAMETER Program and parameterize your loops with ITS Decoder server DOWNLOAD ITS DECODER SERVER
Charging case 40 Cobra Batt transponders
Charging case for 40 transponders Cobra Batt 200 or 360. Ideal for transport and can handle the load of 40 transponders simultaneously. This new-generation charging case ensures rapid charging in 6 hours for 8 days of autonomy. One less thing to worry about at the timing station. Kit includes the charging case and its power supply. Does not contain transponders.
ATOM Decoder
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The Atom decoder operates via radio waves, ensuring wireless communication with Atom transponders. It can also manage several loops simultaneously. Ideal for permanent, semi-permanent or ephemeral installations, indoors or outdoors, in difficult conditions and environments. DOWNLOAD ITS DECODER IP PARAMETER Program and parameterize your loops and your transponder with ITS Decoder server DOWNLOAD ITS DECODER SERVER