Cobra 360 Multi-pilot wire Transponder 12V
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Developed for endurance car racing, the Cobra 360 Multi-pilot transponder allows to know in real time which driver of the crew is racing. The selector installed beforehand on the vehicle allows to identify the driver at the controls. Official timing system for all FFSA French Circuit Championships (Asphalt, Earth and Ice). THIS TRANSPONDER IS FIXED WITHOUT SUPPORT.
ITS Monitoring
*** 8% immediate FFSA discount granted on each ITS Monitoring order *** Compatible with all events broadcast on ITS Live (WTCR, EWC, UCS, Porsche Motorsport Club Switzerland, TTE, Fun Cup France, ...) To meet the needs of Teams and provide them with all the timing information they need, ITS Chrono has created a live stream of information. License valid for 1 season for 1 championship. DOWNLOAD ITS MONITORING