Discover our range of transponders Chronelec and TAG Heuer by Chronelec adapted to your sport.

Our transponders will allow you to ensure automatic timing and quick dissemination of results thanks to an instant identification of the competitor during his passage on the timing loop. The use of our products during important world sports competitions (24H Le Mans Auto and Moto in particular) is a guarantee of reliability.

Multi-pilots Transponder
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Multi-pilots Transponder Developed for endurance racing (car and motorcycle), the Multi-pilot transponder lets you know in real time what team driver is racing. Via the switch located next to the LED, you select the driver (1: red, 2: green, or 3: blue) that will change the transponder number previously installed on your vehicle.
RF-I Transponder
This product is currently not available Evolution of the RF transponder, the RF-I transponder has an integrated antenna and no longer needs to be attached to a fork. The 2 elastic joints allow to fix the transponder to a ankle strap or to prevent the sliding on a tube Waterproof transponder ! Delivered without the holder ITSASRF.
RF Transponder
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The Protime RF Transponder is dedicated to the timing in harsh environments. It is the ideal solution for bearing noise too far on timing systems. This transponder is for timekeeping for sports like roller skating, karting, cycling, running or in motocross. Delivered without the holder ITSASRF.
RF-S Transponder
Available within 4 to 5 weeks minimum after validation of the order
The Protime RF-S transponder is one of the so-called "active" transponders. The transponder is on standby and triggers on an "active" loop and uses radio transmission with the decoder. It is particularly recommended for athletics due to its small size. This transponder is identical to the RF transponder the dimensions change and the transponder is waterproof. Delivered without the holder ITSASRF.