Spare parts


With his expertise and know-how, TAG Heuer initiated the first certifications of timing equipment in the sports industry with the FIS (International Ski Federation) followed by the FEI (International Equitation Federation) and the FIM (International Motorcycling Federation). Reinforced by the "TAG Heuer by Lynx" and "TAG Heuer by Chronelec" product ranges, the TAG Heuer Timing product range is accelerating its development and becoming unparalleled in the world of timekeeping. With its wide range of products, it offers "Global Timing Solutions" for the most demanding sports competitions.

During 2020 and as part of a global project to reorient TAG Heuer Timing's activities towards more digitalization, TAG Heuer decides to stop the distribution of TAG Heuer Timekeeping devices in their current form. As an important player after more than 10 years of close collaboration in the continuous development of improvements to TAG Heuer Timing solutions and thanks to its experience in the field of timing at the highest level (Macau Grand Prix, WTCC, WTCR, EWC, SuperEnduro,…), ITS Chrono was chosen to ensure the continuity of TAG Heuer Timing products for after-sales service around the world.