Security systems

Discover our security systems from the ITS Chrono range.

Thanks to our proximity to the largest circuits in the world through our services, our GPSM member status and our participation in the FIA's IWG working group, we provide solutions that are constantly in tune with the challenges and needs of motor sports in security term.

Atlas 2.4 GPS module
Improve the safety and tracking of your race with the brand new innovative Atlas 2.4 GHz GPS tracking system developed by ITS Chrono.Provide unprecedented control to the race direction (speed in the pits, management of false starts, possibility to replay a moment of the race, ...), offer precise information on the vehicles (position in real time, information on acceleration, braking, ...) and offer to the spectators a unique moment closer to the drivers (live tracking, data on a vehicle identified in real time, ...).The kit includes a GPS Atlas 2.4 GHz module, a power cable, a wifi remote antenna and a GPS remote antenna. For more information : CONTACT US
ITS Flash Manager
With our ITS Flash Manager© software, control your ITS Flash lights with ease. Take advantage of all the flags of car, motorcycle and karting regulations already integrated in the software. Customize your lights by taking advantage of 20 additional images to add according to your desires (the logo of your structure, an image of your team, a personalized flag, ...). Define a keyframe that will appear when the lights are turned on. Use of the software is subject to a license via a dongle. DOWNLOAD