Presentation of the various software useful for timing and in particular our own range of ITS Software solutions designed in-house.

ITS Bridge
ITS Bridge offers a centralized access to the data set and resources of timing you need for ITS Live, ITS Results, ITS Monitoring and the Race Direction Toolkit.  ITS BRIDGE    VC_REDIST 2015
ITS Results
A real digital publishing platform, ITS RESULTS is a complete tool for any sports organization wishing to archive, dematerialize and distribute its documents and official results.  ITS RESULTS is sold as a license for 1 Championship (which includes 12 Maximum Events) for 1 full season. For further information, please contact us.   
ITS Live
With ITS Live, follow the evolution of all tests and races with all the live timing informations on your smartphones, tablets or computers. A progress bar will allow you to estimate each competitors position on the track. Download the free ITS Live application (ITS Live Premium : about 2€ or 2$ for a auto-renewable month)   
Race Direction Toolkit
Race Direction Toolkit is an optimized interface including the best analysis tools for timing data. The race directors must be constantly informed of the current sessions, the Race Direction Toolkit application lists all the violations which can be revealed by the timing and warn them with sound and visual alerts.
ITS Marshalling
With our ITS Marshalling © software, control your ITS Marshalling Light Display lights with ease. Take advantage of all the flags of car, motorcycle and karting regulations already integrated in the software. Customize your lights by taking advantage of 20 additional images to add according to your desires (the logo of your structure, an image of your team, a personalized flag, ...). Define a keyframe that will appear when the lights are turned on. Use of the software is subject to a license via a dongle
ITS Display Manager
With its several layers, our very flexible ITS Display Manager© software, customize your display on several levels. Combine your images, logos, advertisements, race times, videos, etc ... to impress your spectators ! Very flexible software offering unlimited multimedia content distribution prospects. Compatible Elite v3. The use of the software is subject to a license via a dongle ITS DISPLAY MANAGER