Photo-Finish Camera 1/3'000 second hand of TAG Heuer By Lynx brand for sale on ITS Chrono
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Photo-Finish Camera 1/3'000 second hand

Photo-Finish TAG Heuer by Lynx camera second hand.

EtherLynx 5L300 PRO version, 3000 frames per second, in perfect condition.

Accurate to 1/3000 of a second

This new strategic product in the TAG Heuer timing range brings together Photocell and Transponder technologies, thus generating "Global Solutions" for timing.

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The TAG Heuer by Lynx EtherLynx Pro camera can capture 3,000 color photo-finish images per second. This high frame rate capability allows users to configure the ideal camera settings for the speed and conditions of any event.

It produces some of the most accurate and beautiful time-stamped photo finish images in the world, ensuring it is recognized by cycling events like the Tour de France and motorsports like NASCAR and Formula 1.

Conveying the image of precision and quality of the TAG Heuer brand, this camera is the result of a very close partnership with Lynx Systems Developers, Inc.

Technical specifications :

TLC3K - Camera at 3’000 fps include :
VisionPro High Sensitivity, Color Camera, 2D Preview
Timer Enabling Option for EtherLynx Camera
Internal Camera battery for Vision series
Electronic View Finder Option for Vision
3.5" Electronic View Finder for Vision
FinishLynx Software License
Virtual Photo Eye Unit & Auto Capture plug-in for FinishLynx
Lap and Split Counting and Timing plug-in for FinishLynx
External Synchronization Plug-in for FinishLynx
Network Com Port plug-in for FinishLynx
Time Trial plug-in for FinishLynx
Phased Lighting Compensation Option for EtherLynx Camera
Super Head Clamp
Camera Tripod
Geared Mounting Head
Remote Controlled Zoom C-Mount Lens 12.5-75mm f1.2
CS Mount 2.8-10mm P-Iris
Vision Series AC/DC and DC in Power Supply Kit

Technical advantages :

- Integration with TAG Heuer cell timing systems and TAG Heuer By Chronelec decoders for lap times and intermediate times
Each system interacts as a back-up solution to other solutions

- Share synchronization data from each system through a secure network and fully redundant results to ensure accuracy and integrity of results

- Software protocol allowing the automatic export of visual data on network computers allowing rapid and unmistakable decisions

Technical specifications

100 cm
100 cm
30 kg

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