List of products by brand ITS Software

ITS Bridge
ITS Bridge© offers a centralized access to the data set and resources of timing you need for ITS Live©, ITS Results©, ITS Monitoring© and Race Direction Toolkit©.  ITS BRIDGE
ITS Crossing Line Detection
Our experience of high-level sporting events allows us to be as close as possible to the needs of internationally renowned circuits and the expectations of motorized sports authorities. It is from this proximity, and thanks to our increasingly large and experienced team of software developers, that the ITS Crossing Line Detection solution was born. This very precise tool enables the circuit to automate the surveillance of an unauthorized area, to further improve safety, assist race direction or the timing of your events. No more room for the unexpected ! CONTACT US
ITS Display Manager
With its several layers, our very flexible ITS Display Manager© software, customize your display on several levels. Combine your images, logos, advertisements, race times, videos, etc ... to impress your spectators ! Very flexible software offering unlimited multimedia content distribution prospects. Compatible Elite v3. The use of the software is subject to a license via a dongle ITS DISPLAY MANAGER
ITS Flash Manager
With our ITS Flash Manager© software, control your ITS Flash lights with ease. Take advantage of all the flags of car, motorcycle and karting regulations already integrated in the software. Customize your lights by taking advantage of 20 additional images to add according to your desires (the logo of your structure, an image of your team, a personalized flag, ...). Define a keyframe that will appear when the lights are turned on. Use of the software is subject to a license via a dongle. DOWNLOAD
ITS Gripswitch
Available on order
ITS Grispswitch is a software utility that allows you to assign a shortcut command to a pulse via a USB hand switch (HL18-USB) in another defined software.For example, with this software, by connecting a manual switch to USB, it is possible to manually generate a frame in a timing software (if this software has a shortcut for this command).
ITS Live
With ITS Live©, follow the evolution of all tests and races with all the live timing informations on your smartphones, tablets or computers. A progress bar will allow you to estimate each competitors position on the track. Download the free ITS Live© application (ITS Live Premium : about 2€ or 2$ for a auto-renewable month)    For all Android users with Android 12 or later, the ITS Live application is currently unavailable. An update of the application to remedy this problem will follow shortly.In the meantime, for these users, you can use the ITS Live light© version (does not work with the premium version).
ITS Manual Timing
Available on order
ITS Manual Timing is a software to help manual timing.Associated with our specific ITS Control Box 32 keys, it allows you to give a time to a competitor's number in one click, which it will have automatically retrieved from your timing software.By adding a HL18-USB manual contactor to the system, you will be able to read a time while keeping your eyes on the race and assign this time to a competitor in one click on the specific ITS Control Box 32 keys. This is an essential option for potential mass finishes.
ITS Monitoring
Compatible with all events broadcast on ITS Live (WTCR, EWC, UCS, Porsche Motorsport Club Switzerland, TTE, Fun Cup France, ...) To meet the needs of Teams and provide them with all the timing information they need, ITS Chrono has created a live stream of information. One another solution is to use HH TIMING, PITWALL.LIVE or RACING PARTS MANAGER software that communicate directly to our server. License valid for 1 season for 1 championship. DOWNLOAD ITS MONITORING