Kit Wireless Modem 25 mW
This Modem Kit will allow you to control wireless your panel (RS232 or RS485) over a distance of up to 1 km. Operating on 863-870 MHz, these modem is certified and can be used without license. Certified, the modems comply with the 2010 edition of the European Directive RTTE EN300-220.
ITS Video Led Display P10
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This module allows to display the ranking, images or video with great visibility for the spectators. It is in place on several circuits in France and meets all the requirements in terms of brightness and displayability. Pack including : 1 module ITS Video Led Display P10 ; ITS Display Manager software ; ITS Video Led Display Controller ; 1 waterproof connector for RJ45 cable ; 1 waterproof power cable (6 m / 19,7 ft) ; 4 clamps. RJ45 direct link cable (100 m / 328 ft maximum) not supplied.
ITS Message Led Display
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This new ITS Message Led Display can display any type of message in 2 clicks, thanks to its multilingual, user-friendly control panel, capable of memorizing up to 3,000 messages, adjusting panel brightness and message scrolling speed !Thanks to its 12V power supply, it's mobile and can, for example, be mounted on the rear panel of a vehicle.Its flip-up mechanism allows it to be easily hidden from view when switched off.